Monday, July 17, 2006

Sad end to a bad boy...

Nobody in this universe is born as a criminal or as a hated creature. It’s the circumstances and the experiences that make the character. So could be the case with the tusker nicknamed "kolakolli" (master executioner)... Tribals also call him `Chakkamadan' because of voracious appetite for ripe jackfruits. He was proud enough and didn’t want to bow his head in front of anyone. He made himself a martyr and the soul left the earth, when captured by a group of human beings with the help of his own tribes.

The allegations against the pachyderm were enormous. Trampling to death a few persons, agriculture destruction, not allowing the people to cross his area of dictatorship and destroying houses in the past several years. Agasthyar forests was his kingdom. He was very intelligent and that’s why he posed himself in front of the lensman, who entered the forest, to shoot the gigantic hero. But still, it was a sad end to the villain turned hero.

For an elephant lover who had seen him, he was a giant with all the great features that are required to be majestic. The land sweeping long trunk, symmetrically long and positioned tusks and so on. To the community of Elephant lovers of Kerala, it was a great loss. It added to the agony of decreasing number of beautiful Keralite elephants.

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